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Robert Smith
Robert Smith
Producer, Chief Engineer
Mark Hoffman
Mark Hoffman
Mastering Engineer
Rob Winston
Rob Winston
Toby Jackson
Toby Jackson
Technical Director


about us

What strucks me every time when I walk into the studio is the commitment and passion that these guys work and live with. This is where we get to not only work, but communicate, get inspired and all sorts of crazy creative.

John Kelly
John KellyBass Guitar

A musician can face multiple barriers on their way to the top. But in your studio I could create, work and simply have fun from the first and till the last moment. You guys know what a sound should be like and make it flawless.

Chris Lee
Chris LeeLead Guitarist

Working with professional producers and sound-engineers is the key to a successful product in the end. All singles that were recorded in this studio are now included to top albums in the world alternative music charts.

Derek Jones
Derek JonesAlternative Band

Why Us

creative team
Create your best record!
Recording studios generally consist of three rooms: the studio itself, where the sound for the recording is created (often referred to as the “live room”), the control room, where the sound from the studio is recorded and manipulated, and the machine room, where noisier equipment that may interfere with the recording process is kept.
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